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Simon, a young man who recently lost his mother, is sent live with his estranged father in an

isolated seaside town, Simon takes a job as a lifeguard at the local community pool. The

mundane becomes mysterious when Simon notices an other-worldly elderly woman with an

exceptional capacity to stay submerged. One day Simon follows her into the pool and makes a

startling discovery. Both outsiders in a community full of secrets, they form a bond which quickly

escalates into a passionate affair. What follows is a story of temptation and pursuit, a fable of

impossible love and ultimately, its harrowing consequences.


Clear Blue

Backwater is a period thriller that follows a young Victorian-era newspaper employee, Nellie Marlow, who wants nothing more than to become a crime reporter. She gets her chance when her editor sends her to track down and sober up an errant reporter whom he had sent to cover a sensational murder trial in the north. An Algonquin Native elder is on trial for the murder of his own brother, who he claimed was possessed by a Wendigo, a cannibalistic spirit creature.

Native mythology itself is on trial as the authorities seek to set an example and firmly establish the rule of Christian law over the pagan wilderness. During the trial, people connected to Nellie go missing, and paranoia sweeps the town. Nellie struggles to uncover the truth and free the shaman. He, in turn, helps Nellie come to terms with her own dark past.



In 19th century Canada, a werewolf stalks a Scandinavian village. Seth, the daydreaming son of the priest wants to be a logger like his jovial uncle Alfred, but his strict father demands that Seth follow in his religious footsteps. After a midsummer’s eve celebration, Alfred, a struggling alcoholic, arrives home to find his
beloved wife and sons dead. Torn by guilt and grief, Alfred embarks on a brutal hunt where the distinction between man and beast becomes increasingly vague.

As the village succumbs to panic the secret of the attacks is finally revealed: Elma – the girl Seth is in love with! Desperate to escape his father’s control, Seth lets Elma infect him and they flee together. When Elma is brutally murdered by the posse, an infuriated Seth tracks them one by one. Fear and rage turn the men against each other until the line between man and monster finally disappears.



Opposing groups involved in a bitter native land claim on a remote aboriginal site must learn how to survive when a cataclysmic event causes all of humanity to disappear. As our small band sets off on a quest to find other survivors, they encounter supernatural creatures straight out of native legends, awakened by the event. In order to stay alive our unlikely heroes must learn to put old prejudices aside and to trust one other, live off the land, and contend with the creatures while piecing together the mystery. A young lawyer named Ruby emerges as a reluctant leader whose long suppressed visions and troubled past who may hold the key to the survival of the Last Nation.

LAST NATION was developed through the National Screen Institute of Canada’s Totally Television Program 2012-2013.

Co-written and co-created by Paula Devonshire and David Ray. David Ray’s feature length writing/directorial debut FETCHING CODY (Jay Baruchel) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2005, won Best Picture at Sedona and Best Science Fiction Theatrical at Worldfest. His writing credits include a wide variety of genres, including the critically acclaimed documentary A SAFER SEX TRADE and the blockbuster video game for EA entitled NEED FOR SPEED: CARBON. But his most prolific work has been writing original movies for the SyFy Channel such as ICE QUAKE, EARTH’S FINAL HOURS and END OF THE WORLD. His commercial work as a director has won numerous awards and been shortlisted at Cannes.


TV Series

Last Nation

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